Clubhouse Rental Rules and Guidelines

Presence of Reserving Member: Reserving Member must remain present in the Club at all times during the entire Event.

Failure to do so can result in forfeiture of the Security Deposit and termination of the Event with no refund of the Rental Fee. In the event Reserving Member violates this section, it is in the discretion of the Board of Directors of the Club to refuse future rentals of the Club to such person.

No Smoking or Pets are allowed in the clubhouse

Curfew: The Event must terminate by 12:00 am and all guests must be departed at such time. The Clubhouse shall be cleaned as discussed below, vacated and secured by 1:00 am. Failure to do so can result in monies being withheld from the Security Deposit.

Noise: Reserving Member and all participants and guests shall be respectful of all nearby homeowners in the neighborhood and shall keep noise at a reasonable level so that it is not disturbing to homeowners in close proximity to the Club. Reserving Member accepts responsibility and agrees to be held accountable for any noise or music that is in violation of the Cobb County Noise ordinance caused by themselves or any person at the Event during the rental period. Reserving Member shall respond immediately to any complaint of neighbors about noise or music during the Event and shall take steps to immediately reduce or stop the noise or music. Reserving Member acknowledges that the Event can be terminated by the Reservation Person and/or President of the Club in the event the noise and/or music are disruptive to nearby homeowners. The Security Deposit may be forfeited if the Event is terminated by the Reservation Person or President due to excess noise or other disturbance and the Rental Fee shall not be refunded.

Use of the Clubhouse: The Clubhouse may not be used for political meetings, rallies, fundraising or commercial purposes.

Decorations: Any decoration or accessories for the Event shall not be permanently affixed to any part of the building with staples, tape, tacks, nails or other means that may damage the building. No birdseed, rice, confetti, silly string, glitter, or hay is allowed. All decorations must be removed.

Alcohol: The Club does not consent to the consumption by minors of alcoholic beverages at the Club, and the Club has the right to take possession of the Pavilion, terminate the Event and instruct guests to leave the Event in the event minors in attendance are consuming alcoholic beverages.

Lockup and Key Return: The Clubhouse must be left secure. All doors and windows must be locked and the key returned to the Reservation Chair, Facilities Chair, or Club Board Member. The Key must remain in the possession of Reserving Member at all times until returned. Violation of this rule can result in forfeiture of the Security Deposit.

Parties for teenagers (13-18 years of age): must have one adult present for every 15 teenagers at the party. The Club Reservation chair person may require the presence of a uniformed security guard.

Parties for young adults (19-25 years of age): the presence of a uniformed security guard is required.

Pool Party: Reserving Member must submit a request to the Pool Chairperson ( at least 14 days prior to the Event.  The Pool Chairperson will decide at their discretion if the pool can accommodate the guests and if additional lifeguards are needed to insure the safety of the pool during the Event. In the event additional lifeguards are needed, Reserving Member will be responsible for the costs of the additional lifeguards. The cost of additional lifeguards is $25.00 per hour per lifeguard. Reserving Member is limited to 30 guests who may use the pool. Reserving Member must provide 1 adult for every 5 children under the age of 12 who will be using the pool. Reserving Member specifically agrees to obtain a Waiver and Consent from the parent of any child who may be using the pool under the age of 14. Reserving Member is responsible for notifying the lifeguards on duty of any child that is not a proficient swimmer and for requiring the parent or parent representative of any such child to be present at the pool during the Event. Reserving Member must provide 1 adult chaperone for every 10 people between the ages of 12 and 21. The Pool Chairperson and/or the pool management company and their lifeguards has the authority to disallow usage of the pool by the guests of Reserving Member at any time if they feel such usage is disruptive to the other member's use of the pool or if needed to insure the safety of the pool, the members or guests.