Notice to Cochise Members regarding COVID-19

Tennis Rules & Ball Machine

Tennis Ball Machine Manual and Disclaimer

Instructions for ball machine

Basic Instructions

Use tennis ball machine at your own risk. All children under 18 must be accompanied by an Adult. User must read User Manual including safety warnings.

Tennis Rules

Approved by Cochise Board May 2012

  1. The use of the tennis courts is limited to the members of the Cochise Riverview Club and their guests.
  2. Absolutely no soft drinks, food, animals, spectators, bikes, roller skates, skateboards, scooters or any other type of riding toys are permitted on the courts. No throwing or slamming of tennis racquets. No use of any objects foreign to the game of tennis.
  3. Proper tennis attire must be worn, including regulation tennis shoes (no dark-soled shoes). No swimsuits are to be worn on the courts.
  4. Tennis courts are available 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, seven days a week.
    1. Courts may be reserved for up to two hours of play
    2. Reserving courts will be limited to the day preceding play. Courts will be reserved for only 10 minutes after the scheduled starting time. All sign-up should include first and last name of the member, member number and number of guests. The member will pay a $2.00 fee per guest and the fee is good until the end of the day.
    3. No member shall be allowed to reserve the courts for consecutive time periods. However, a member may continue play after the reserved times as long as the court remains unreserved.
    4. ALTA/USTA teams may reserve two courts for 1.5 hours per week. These practice times must be cleared with the tennis coordinator to insure there is only one team practicing at a time
    5. No member shall be allowed to reserve the court immediately preceding or following an USTA/ALTA match for his or her own team.
  6. ALTA/USTA Teams
    1. All ALTA/USTA team captains (junior and adult) must supply a list of team members to the tennis coordinator at least one week before the captain files the ALTA/USTA registration. The tennis coordinator has the right to refuse nonmembers on an ALTA/USTA team.
    2. All teams must include at least 6 Cochise Club members and the captain of the team must be a member. A member must be present at all practices and home matches. Members are responsible for insuring that the courts and gazebo area are clean and that all trash and food has been appropriately disposed of following practices and matches.
    3. All ALTA/USTA team captains are responsible for supplying the tennis coordinator with 2 schedules of their matches before the start of the season.
    4. Non-club members will be charged $20.00 per season to be collected by the team captain and submitted to the tennis coordinator.
    5. The third court is reserved for member play and may not be used for an ALTA/USTA match or practice.
  7. Tennis Lessons and Camps
    1. Only tennis professionals approved by the tennis coordinator shall be allowed to teach on the courts. All tennis professionals are required to maintain liability insurance and shall list the club as an insured. Proof of insurance must be submitted annually to the tennis coordinator. Only Members are allowed to sign up for courts in accordance with rule 5.
    2. A member sharing a lesson with a guest must be on the court at the same time. The number of members in the lesson must be equal or more than the non-members. Nonmembers participating in the lesson are guests of the member and the member is required to sign them in as a guest and will be charged a guest fee
    3. All camps must be approved by the tennis coordinator before flyers advertising the camps may be distributed. It is recommended that requests for summer camps should be made to the coordinator before March 1 preceding the camp dates.
    4. The camps and lessons are not sponsored by or affiliated with the club and are operated solely by the tennis professionals at the request of the members attending the camps. The club is not responsible or liable for any claims, actions, injuries or damages arising out of or relating to member’s participation in camps or lessons.